Co-working Profile – Elated Eating

Our Co-Working Tuesdays (and free breakfast) have been attracting freelancers from the local community for some time now. As part of us improving our co-working network and supporting local business we will be profiling some of our regular attendees.
This week, we start off with Rosalind Kara founder of Elated Eating, an online community campaign developed to inspire healthy, sustainable food and eating.

“Elated Eating was developed to change how we view food” says Rosalind. “Where it comes from, how it gets on to our plates as well as what is inside the food we eat.” Her main focus is on promoting locally sourced, seasonal food.

Rosalind is also a Social Media Strategist, helping companies reach their social media potential.

Follow the Elated Eating campaign;

Or check out their blog